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For New Customers - This 70-90 Minute Experience Includes a 30 Minute Classroom Briefing, 5 Minute Cockpit Briefing, 40 Minute Flight Including Take-off, Basic Maneuvers, Air-to-Air Combat (aka Dog Fighting), 10 Minutes of Airport Landings and 5 Minute Debrief.



For Returning Customers - This 70-90 Minute Experience Includes all of the Fox-1 Mission Plus Air to Ground Combat, an Aircraft Carrier Landing and the Option of Flying Different Aircraft Such as the F-4 Phantom, F-18 Hornet, F-15E Strike Eagle, A-10 Warthog, Mig-29 and B-1 Lancer.



For Returning Customers - This 70-90 Minute Experience Includes all of the Fox-1 & Fox-2 Mission Plus additional training in navigation, air to air combat and defensive measures.


Fox 1 & Fox 2 Missions Discounted Price

Customer will experience the Fox 1 and Fox 2 missions consecutively.


Fox 2 & Fox 3 Missions Discounted Price

Customer will experience the Fox 2 and Fox 3 missions consecutively.


Fox-1/Fox-2/Fox-3 Discounted Price

Fly all 3 missions in one day.


Boeing 737: 30 Minutes

This is our introductory package to let you feel what it's like to take control of a commercial jet airliner in a short amount of time. You will taxi to the runway, take-off and after reaching altitude, level off under the watchful eye of your instructor. As you perform several turns you can take the time to admire some familiar landmarks - but only if you dare look away from the cockpit instruments! Finally, you will vector in for final approach to the airport for a perfect landing!


Boeing 737: 60 Minutes

With a full 60 minutes in the simulator you'll have the opportunity to experience what a commercial airline pilot does in the cockpit prior to wheels up. This includes pre-flight (systems initiation, configuration, FMC/auto-pilot set-up, etc.) pushback, engine start, taxi, take-off, climb, cruise, descent, landing, taxi to your arrival gate and shutdown.


Boeing 737: 90 Minutes

This is our ultimate package and includes everything in the 60 Minute Flight plus a number of touch and go's at some of the world's most famous airports such as Hong Kong's Kai Tak. You'll also experience a number of different weather conditions and we'll get your adrenaline pumping by seeing how you manage an in-flight emergency and diversion to another airport. The options and potential challenges are limitless.


Fighter Jet Flight Pass

$849 (reg. $1,416) 24 Fox Mission Flights Valid only for recipient Non-transferable Non-refundable


Boeing 737 Flight Pass

$1,1200 (reg. $2,028) 12 60 Minute Flights Valid only for recipient Non-transferable Non-refundable


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